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Noise Cancellation Headphones : Frequently Asked Questions : In today’s fast paced world music is a great tool for relaxation. Best thing about music is that you can carry your favorite tracks with you anywhere you go and enjoy them anytime. But what about the situation when outside noise is too much and you just can’t enjoy your favorite tracks or everybody is sleeping but you want to put on some good music. It is quite obvious that under these situations you can’t relish and savor the rich experience of your favorite beats.

Here comes into play noise cancellation headphones for music which give you a delightful experience of your beats even if you are outdoors or in a silent environment. Most of us have lots of questions like what exactly is noise cancellation or how to choose best noise cancellation headset for sleeping and many other similar questions. Today in this guide, we are attempting to answer all noise cancellation headset related queries so that you have a clear picture in your mind when you go out for buying the same.

Q1. What is Noise Cancellation ?

Basically Noise Cancellation means cancelling out the unwanted external noises using noise control mechanisms. Basically noise cancellation can be sub-divided into two categories which have been outlined below:

  • Active Noise Cancellation: This is the advanced technology used particularly by noise cancellation headphones. Under active noise cancelling there is an inbuilt circuitry inside the headphones which analyze the wavelength of the noise coming in. Post Analyzation a mirror signal to the noise with negative wavelength is induced into the output sound; thus cancelling the noise and as a result you get to hear remarkably clear music.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation: This is not basically a noise cancellation technique but it is more of a sound proofing technique. Under this the passive noise cancellation headset for music is built so as to envelop your ears completely. As a result the outside noise is cut to a considerable level; however this is not at par with active noise cancelling technique.

Further more noise cancellation comes in the attached microphones as well as headsets. Noise cancellation in microphone makes you have a clear conversation while on call. Noise cancellation in headsets, as described above, is great for listening your favorite tracks without any external interference.

Q2. Is it Safe to Use Noise Cancellation Head Phones ?

This is a common question of majority of music lovers. Let me answer this for you. It doesn’t matter whether you use noise cancellation headset for sleeping or music or when outdoors; these headphones, unlike cell phones, don’t emit low level radiation hence they are very much safe to use.

Actually using noise cancellation headset for outdoor for eliminating external noise could be quite beneficial as continuous exposure to high levels of noise can be quite detrimental to health. Also your kids won’t raise the volume much if they are able to hear their songs clearly while using noise cancellation headset for music.

Q3. What are the Pros & Cons of using Noise Cancellation Earphones ?

Below I have outlined some major pros as well as cons for using noise cancellation headsets:


  • Effective sleep aid for those having trouble sleeping in noisy environments or are suffering from insomnia. Since they cut out the external noise, whether it is sound of air plane or your fellow passengers talking, you can use your noise cancellation headset for sleeping.
  • Since you don’t require to keep the volume high you can preserve your ear health.
  • If you are a travel junkie these headsets are the must have accessories in your back pack to cut out the noise of train, plane or bus.


  • Noise cancellation headsets are quite expensive and you have to shell out a good amount of bucks to buy a pair for your ears.
  • The power usage is quite high in case of active noise cancelling. As a result battery levels might drop quickly. Plus they won’t function as an ordinary headset in case the battery dies.
  • These headphones tend to be bulky as they need to have circuitry for active noise cancelling.
  • The audio quality may be decreased by the noise-cancelling circuitry plus you might hear a high frequency screeching sound.

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Q4. What is the latest technology in terms of Noise Cancellation ?

The latest technology in the market for noise cancellation is CVC 6.0. This technology is only for voice calls. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation brings with it various audio enhancements plus noise suppression for both near and far ends. It even provides concealment for packet loss plus bit errors. So a combination of all these things which CVC 6.0 noise cancellation provides you get to witness a fantastic call quality over your noise cancellation device.

CVC is actually a bundle of algorithms that work on the path of transmission and receipt of voice calls. It ensures that your call will be of master quality. It contains various audio processing features like transmission/ receipt equalizers, howling control, automatic adaptive equalizers, stream mixing plus various other techniques. All these technologies are bundled together as a suite called as CVC whose main purpose is to give you a rich and relishing voice call experience.

Q5. How to Choose Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Now this is the most important question which I have come across. We often get confused as there are so many options available for noise cancellation headphones in the market. So you should better employ the following ways to choose a best one for you:

  • First of all you must know the difference between ‘noise-isolation’ and ‘noise-cancellation’ as both are not the same. Noise-isolation headphones just minimize the external sound to a bit while noise-cancellation, as you already know now, has good amount of technology invested in it to give your ears a pleasurable music experience.
  • You should decide whether you want in-ear, ear-pads or full sized models.
  • Ask for trying them out. If you are allowed to try or the shop has a testing sample then it’s the best scenario as you can test them out in the hustle and bustle of the shop, just by toggling on the active noise cancellation, without playing anything to see what surrounding sounds you can hear plus you can also make your friend talk to you while the active noise cancelling is in operation. Testing a pair before buying will give you quite decent idea of which noise cancellation headsets you should pick up.
  • While trying them out you can check out their fitting too. If you are looking for long hours consistent usage; fitting is an important factor to be considered. There is absolutely no use; buying a head phone with a big price tag later on to find out it gives you headache or ear pain.
  • Also, apart from these play your music too for checking out the audio quality as you shouldn’t go for noise cancellation over audio quality and vice-versa. There must be a balance.
  • You must check the battery life by reading reviews of various noise cancellation headsets. Go for a pair which has a decent battery life as you don’t want the battery to die when you are in middle of travelling or using your noise cancellation headset for sleeping in an air-plane.
  • Check the warranty too. Now you know that, in case of active noise cancelling, electronic circuitry are in-built inside your headphones. You never know when the electronic circuits can fail. So do a double check on warranty and after sales service. Again you can check reviews for getting an idea about the complaints coming for a particular headset and after sales service.

Last, be in no hurry to buy a device. Try out as many models and as many shops as you can before shelling your hard earned bucks.

So my dear friends these were the frequently asked questions and their answers in context with noise cancellation headsets. If I am missing something then please do put it down in comments below and we will include the same here.

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